Exotic & Luxury Cars: Is It Worth Owning?

Exotic & Luxury Cars: Are They Worth Owning?

People often dream about owning a Ferrari, or Lamborghini. From a young age right up until they experience that third or fourth midlife crisis. They can cost millions, go very fast, and attract plenty of attention in traffic — and when pulling up to valet lines. So are the cars of our dreams really all they expect to be? Well in short they are. But they can also be an unforeseen nightmare. Read Dream Toy Garage’s article to find out about Exotic & Luxury Cars: Are They Worth Owning?

Exotic & Luxury Cars: They’re Low…Like really low

The first thing people often associate with Exotic and Luxury Cars are that they’re low. Let’s just say ground clearance isn’t a supercars forte. What do you mean Exotic and Luxury cars don’t have good ground clearance? They’re supposed to be engineered to be aerodynamic masterpieces. Well they are, and that’s why you can barely fit you pinky underneath some of these high end masterpieces. The cars are often as low to the ground as they can be to help the slide through air and stick to pavement.

This in result make it so any little pebble or blemish on the road can cause thousands in damage to that Carbon Fiber front splitter. One way around this can be avoiding all roads with speed bumps, pot holes, or any rocks and pebbles. However, if you would actually like to drive the car more than ten feet. Just be smart when driving, you can take steep ramps and speed bumps at an angle and you should be good.

Exotic & Luxury Cars: Power…Too much power


Often times these high performance marvels come with an excess of 500+ horsepower like our Chevrolet C8. That sounds amazing and all, but 99% of the time, are you really going to use

all 500+ horsepower on your way to get groceries? I’m guessing the answer is no…but don’t worry! You’ll still burn through that whole tank of 93 octane!

And if you are feeling risky that one time and tap into the power…let’s just hope you don’t get a costly speeding ticket, or even worse loose control and get a costly accident.

A Small Fortune

Let’s address the first major concern of Exotic & Luxury Cars…the cost. There comes a time when you have to make the hard decision, “Do I buy the house, or my Lamborghini?” Although that may sound funny too many, it’s true. Often times Exotic and Luxury Cars cost $300,000 and up, or the price of a decent house. Let’s not also bring up the cost if something were to happen like ruining that front splitter since the cars so low. Well there goes another couple thousand to fix it…Isn’t owning an exotic fun!

Read our article here to find out more about Exotic & Luxury Cars costs.

Bring the attention

It won’t matter where you go. If you show up in an Exotic or Luxury Car, nobody will leave you alone. Someone will always come up and start bombarding you with questions or asking for endless pictures. You may get excited or feel special being the center of attention, but once it happens for the thousandth time, it starts to get boring.

And let’s not bring up the lovely attention from law enforcement. When ever you get spotted by law enforcement, they pay attention. That high revving V8 or V10 screaming as you drive by just begs them and everyone else around you to stop and stare.

are they worth owning?

At the end of the day for most people no. If you look at it, most Exotic and Luxury Car Owners have more than that one car. Why? Well because of everything addressed previously and more. But there’s no art without struggle. Everyone will have their problems with supercars. Most people agree that the best two days of ownership is the day you buy, and the day you sell. But every time you get in that bright red Chevrolet C8, you can’t help but smile.

Why Own when you can rent?

If you’re not ready to fully live out your dreams just yet, or go bankrupt trying…Don’t threat! Dream Toy Garage is Nashville’s premier Exotic & Luxury Car rental agency that specializes in making dreams come true! Our fleet of classic, sports, exotic, and luxury cars make every dream come true. Rent from us and live your fantasies without having to worry about all little things that comes with ownership! So what’s stopping you? Live out your dreams now!


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