Vehicle Management Program (VMP)

If you own a luxury or exotic vehicle, or if you’re thinking about purchasing one, we have a unique opportunity for you. Enrolling your vehicle in our rental program is a great way to earn income. Don’t allow that vehicle to sit in your garage and depreciate or run up a bill at a storage facility, contact Dream Toy Garage today to get the best of both worlds. Own an amazing vehicle and let it help pay for itself.

Dream Toy Garage, LLC is a locally owned and operated family business. We have been in the automotive rental business for 3+ years and we have over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. We have a 5 Star rating on Google from 60+ reviews. Every rental client is a VIP in our eyes, and every VMP (vehicle management program) owner receives the same level of service.


Benefits of Dream Toy Garage’s VMP:

  • Proven client approval program to keep your vehicle safe. We utilize driving records, insurance reports, credit reports, security deposits, and more to verify our clients. Over 200 rentals without any major losses. We don’t take risks for short term gains.
  • All owners will be provided a copy of our rental insurance policy. We have the proper insurance coverage for exotic rentals. Your vehicle will be covered for the cash value. The info will be shared after the non-compete forms are signed.
  • Owner has the option to approve clients before reservation confirmation.
  • Choose to limit your trips each month or maximize profits. The choice is yours!
  • Direct contact with company leadership.
  • Lower rental rates than Turo and Enterprise to keep your vehicle on the road.
  • Model limits. We focus on the utilization of each vehicle, not adding as many vehicles as possible. Your car won’t sit idle because we have too many similar cars in the fleet.
  • Payments sent to the owner each month.
  • Owners enjoy monthly vehicle reports and performance evaluations.
  • Customize your management program. Choose from “No Drive” programs (weddings, photo shoots, video shoots, etc.) to Exclusive Member Only programs (30+ years old, $10K+ security deposit, etc.).

We deal with the hassle and logistics of renting out your vehicle to highly qualified clients. We take care of your vehicle as if it was our own. Leave your vehicle with us for six months at a time and enjoy the benefits of vehicle management while we do the work for you.

If interested in purchasing a vehicle for our program please reach out to us for consultation.

Still skeptical about having Dream Toy Garage, LLC manage your Lamborghini? Check out this article from Yahoo Finance for more perspective.

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