Places To Go: Nashville Sushi

Places to go: Nashville sushi

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Five years ago, I wouldn’t touch sushi. Eating raw fish wasn’t something that I was interested in. Fortunately for me, my wife loves sushi. Over time, her love for the Japanese staple eventually rubbed off onto me. In the beginning, I would only eat rolls that included cooked shrimp and crab. This was short lived because I was laughed at by an older gentleman while I was in Tokyo. Of course, I don’t know what he was saying, but his laugh said it all. Due to this form of peer pressure, I finally tried some of the basic raw varieties. Maybe, I don’t have the most credentials to write this article, but here are my thoughts on Places to Go: Nashville Sushi.

When I take my wife on a date night, we usually end up eating sushi. My favorite spots that I have visited are Virago, Zushimaki, and Wild Ginger. Each has a different price point, but they all serve great tasting sushi.

places to go: ZushiMaki

ZushimakiPlaces to Go: Zushimaki is the most budget friendly of the options. Our total bill was around $35. We ate well and we had food left over. Zushimaki is located at 1031 Riverside Drive in Franklin. It is a smaller restaurant but the service was good and the food was great. I ordered the Pho Beef, Chicken Fried Rice, a Dragon Roll (with Shrimp), and an Alaska Roll. The ingredients were fresh, the food was very flavorful. Zushimaki is not your place for ambience, but it is a great option for amazing sushi on a budget.

places to go: Wild ginger

Places to Go: Wild GingerThe most versatile option is Wild Ginger located at 101 Market Exchange Court in Franklin. Wild Ginger has a great array of options on the menu. You can order sushi while your companion goes for the lamb chops. The ambience is also suitable for a special occasion. At Wild Ginger, we ordered the Lamb Lollipops, Wild Ginger Fried Rice, Shanghai Noodles, Lobster Lobster Roll, and a Yum Yum Roll. I also took part in my favorite course: dessert. The key lime meringue pie with macadamia nut crust was definietly memorable. The price per dish is higher, but the dishes and ingredients are more eclectic. Wild Ginger is a great option to watch the budget and spend a special night.

places to go: virago

Places to Go: ViragoOur final place on the list is Virago. Virago is located in the Gulch. This restaurant is obviouly the most expensive and has the best ambience. The wife and I were celebrating so we went a litltle deeper in the pockets to include wine with the meal. The wine collection is impressive, but I also enjoyed the food very much. My most memorable item was the coconut flavored rice. I’m not sure if this is a regular menu item, but it was delicious. This is suprising for me, because coconut isn’t one of my favorite ingredients. With that said, I still start to salivate everytime I think about it. The rice is unforgettable, but so was the Crisy Brussels, Kayne Prime Roll, and Godzilla Roll. Virago is definitely worth the visit if you are ready to open the pocket books.


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Each restaurant offers a unique experience with great food. I highly recommend all three of these venues. We also recommend renting one of our exotic cars such as our Audi R8 to enhance the experience. An amazing vehicle and great food provide the perfect back drop for a night out. Call Dream Toy Garage at 615.994.0060 or visit to make a reservation today!

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Andrew A.
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Our experience with Dream Toy Garage has been fantastic. They were very accommodating, punctual and flexible.
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Jake Z.
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Had so much fun and great people. Recommend them to everyone.
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Jonathon D.
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I had a blast driving the 1966 Mustang Fastback. Highly recommend Dream Toy Garage. Cornell was was very friendly, professional and great to work with. 👍👍

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