Affordable Exotic Rentals in Nashville


Driving an exotic car is a special experience. The feeling that goes through your body when you’re behind the wheel of an engineering marvel is almost unexplainable. Your adrenaline is rushing, people are staring at you, your confidence is at an all time high. If desire was the only factor in play, many of us would have a garage full of these amazing toys.

In reality, these vehicles require time, money, and space which many of us can’t dedicate to something that we will use so sparingly. With this in mind, I started Dream Toy Garage, LLC. Dream Toy Garage provides a more practical way to experience exotic cars. With rates starting at $199, you can choose the vehicle you want, when you want it, and only pay for that time. You no longer have to worry about the commitments related to storage, maintenance, insurance, and financing.

Call Dream Toy Garage (615.994.0060) to drive your dream vehicle at an affordable rate. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, attending a special event, or looking to drive something special for date night, check out to reserve your vehicle today!

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Vince Van C.
Vince Van C.
16:51 15 Feb 21
Absolutely great service. Super nice to work with. This is what you get from this family owned small business. Cheaper than Enterprise, and much better service. Support local small business and families! Thank you, Dream Toy Garage, for a great time.
Victoria K.
Victoria K.
04:00 14 Feb 21
Had such a wonderful experience at Dream Toy Garage. Cornell was so helpful and easy to work with! I rented the Corvette for my husbands 30th birthday and he was so surprised and thrilled! The car ran smoothly and customer service was excellent! I look forward to renting another car from them!
Taylor G.
Taylor G.
21:03 23 Jan 21
Owner is super friendly. Car was a blast. Great suprise for my fiancé for the day. VERY affordable.

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