Affordable Exotic Rentals in Nashville

Affordable exotic Rental

Driving an exotic car is a special experience. The feeling that goes through your body when you’re behind the wheel of an engineering marvel is almost unexplainable. Your adrenaline is rushing, people are staring at you, your confidence is at an all time high. If desire was the only factor in play, many of us would have a garage full of these amazing toys. What better way to live out your desire than with an affordable exotic rental in Nashville.

Exotic Car Rental Agency: Dream Toy Garage

In reality, these vehicles require time, money, and space which many of us can’t dedicate to something that we will use so sparingly. With this in mind, I started Dream Toy Garage, LLC. Dream Toy Garage provides a more practical way to experience exotic cars. With rates starting at $199, you can choose the vehicle you want, when you want it, and only pay for that time. You no longer have to worry about the commitments related to storage, maintenance, insurance, and financing.

Our Fleet

Here at Dream Toy Garage, we have a vast fleet of exotic and luxury vehicle to cater every need. Experience you dreams by booking one of our affordable vehicle such as the 1966 Mustang Fastback or our Porsche Carrera 911.

Call Dream Toy Garage (615.994.0060) to drive your dream vehicle at an affordable rate. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, attending a special event, or looking to drive something special for date night, check out to reserve your vehicle today!


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Ronald G.
Ronald G.
01:06 18 Aug 22
Great experience staff was nice I would definitely recommend
Don K.
Don K.
16:02 15 Aug 22
This was a blast! Rented the '66 Shelby Mustang. Price was reasonable to me. Car was ready for pick-up on time at the location and they were on time for the drop-off. Professional organization. The experience was awesome. Their staff coached us on driving the car (but being 70 years old, I do remember driving was different in the '60s - no power steering and MUCH more :). Lots of friendly conversations with folks along the way whne se stopped at restaurants, gas stations, etc. Well worth it for us, and I expect it would be for anyone! #dreamtoygarage
Balt C.
Balt C.
15:18 15 Aug 22
Such a great group of people and a truly wonder experience. They made sure everything was done perfectly and it could not have gone better. I would recommend to anyone for the luxury car rental needs!

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